What we look for in a Player

Australian Tactical Combat league or "AusTac" is not an elitist community however our gameplay philosophy is teamwork and tactical play. We welcome all players however we will remove any player which contradicts our philosophy. Players who play for the score rather then the Teamplay will have difficulty becoming a full members as being a "lone wolf" will put a redflag next to your name. 

Becoming a Member

To become a member of the community you are required to sign up and submit an application. upon submitting an application you will be required to speak to one of our Admin's on Teamspeak. applicants will then be invited to join a public mission. During this mission it is important that players realise that they are being assessed and their actions will be watched. upon commencement of the mission the Admin will then inform you if you have become an FOA


Players which have been accepted after their application will become an FOA or an irregular for our community. This means that you are more then welcome to play with us and that you may be invited to partake in our ACE/ACRE operations Provided that you possess a headset. As an FOA you will not be provided a squad XML and you do not place [Austac] in your Player name. We would like to ask all new members to refrain from doing so as it will undermine the system which we are trying to create.

Players which are part of another community or are friends of Austac members are more than welcome to be made FOA's for Casual gameplay and TS access. these players will be considered as casual players and have no commitment to Austac 

ACE Training

FOA applicants will be required to undergo an ACE healing training session to give them a basic understanding of how the ace wounds system works. If they have not attending a training session they will remain an FNG.

AusTac Full Member

To become a Full member there are only three prerequisites, These are:

Possession of a Microphone. Teamspeak is a requirement. The Player has become known by members to play Maturely, with Respect to other players and to demonstrate ability to work with a team.

The above requirements are set so that we are sure that the players that are joining are people who we think will contribute to our community. We do not have a limit on player positions so if you have signed up you will eventually become a full member provided that you play maturely, With respect as well as becoming involved within our community.

Waiting Process

Please note that no time limit has been provided for a player to become a full member, this is because every player is different and we do not believe that determining membership should revolve around time. If you would like to know how long you have to wait this will vary primarily on your involvement with our community and how often you play on our servers.

Once Accepted

Once the board of Administrators have determined that a player has meet our requirements FOA's will be invited to provide their Player ID's so that they can receive our Squad XML, [Austac] Tag and their Teamspeak Permissions. Remember also, becoming a full member does not mean that you can treat other non members any different. Every player should be treated with the same level of respect and any member caught treating others in a negative or a troll like way may be removed from the community.

We would like to ask all players not to ask about quickening the process of becoming a full member and that they please respect the system.

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